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Issue: Oceans & Coasts

Noah Idechong

Noah Idechong protected Palau’s rich coral reefs and fisheries from development by creating an innovative model that integrates modern and traditional practices.

Andrew Simmons

Andrew Simmons created JEMS, a volunteer community development organization that uses literacy and skills programs to motivate communities to protect the islands’ natural resources.

Cath Wallace

A tireless protector of Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem, Cath Wallace advocated the ratification of the Antarctic Environmental Protocol.

Janet Gibson

Janet Gibson helped establish the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Central America’s first marine reserve, to protect the barrier reef off Belize, one of the world’s largest coral reefs.

Pisit Charnsnoh

Pisit Charnsnoh’s work has led to the restoration and protection of the mangroves and improved yields for local fishers. As a result, the Thai government has allowed local sustainable management of environmental resources.

Bill Ballantine

Bill Ballantine established unprecedented “no-take” marine reserves in New Zealand and promoted the concept internationally to protect vital resources that are quietly but quickly being depleted around the world.