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Environmental Issues

The global movement to protect our planet is profoundly diverse and dynamic.

Goldman Prize winners work across a variety of environmental areas, advocating for progress, facilitating local engagement, and demanding systemic change to protect our natural world. While it is clear that environmental activism is inextricably linked to other forms of activism, the Goldman Prize has  segmented Prize winner issue areas into the following 10 categories to allow for further exploration and engagement.

Climate & Energy

Fighting for the sustainability of our planet

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Drilling & Mining

Stopping destructive extraction

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Environmental Justice

Protecting marginalized communities from environmental harms

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Food & Agriculture

Feeding a growing population sustainably

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Safeguarding the Earth’s lungs

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Ensuring access to clean water and healthy ecosystems

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Land Conservation

Protecting life and biodiversity from exploitation and destruction

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Oceans & Coasts

Keeping our marine environments healthy and strong

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Pollution & Waste

Mitigating our immense output of waste and pollutants

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Wildlife Protection

Guarding the planet’s multitude of creatures and ensuring their future

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