Beyond the Prize

Support for Goldman Prize Recipients

The Goldman Environmental Foundation provides ongoing support for Prize recipients in a number of ways:

  • Grants for Prize winner NGOs: In partnership with the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund, we offer past Prize winners a limited number of grants to advance their organizations’ environmental campaigns and inspire community members to engage in grassroots environmental activism.
  • Networking opportunities: To help Goldman Prize recipients build broader networks, connect with each other, share learnings, and expand their leadership capacity, the Foundation provides support for Prize winners to meet and participate in networking opportunities such as conferences, meetings, and other events (like these events in 2017).
  • Assistance for Prize winners under threat: We are committed to standing with our Prize winners whose safety and freedom are facing growing threats. We provide support through a range of tactics such as letters of support from the Foundation, action alerts promoted through earned and social media, urgent defense grants, and access to pro bono legal assistance.
  • Communications: The Goldman Prize publicizes the ongoing campaigns and achievements of our Prize winners through earned and social media. Visit our individual Prize winners’ profiles to see the latest media coverage, read blog posts about their recent work, and learn how you can support their campaigns.

2019 Goldman Environmental Prize recipients at Crissy Field Center with IYEL participants

Inspiring Young Environmentalists

Young people are those most likely to be affected by environmental issues—and are also our best hope to address them. That’s why each year we bring young environmental leaders together with Prize winners to inspire them to make a difference in their own communities.

Leading up to the annual ceremonies, we hold an event at Crissy Field Center in San Francisco to give members of the Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders (IYEL) program a chance to meet Prize winners before they are announced to the world. During the event, students are paired with the current year’s Prize winners, so they can spend one-on-one time asking questions and be inspired by their work. The student then has the opportunity to introduce their Prize winner to an audience of invited guests. This allows the young participants to see themselves as future environmental activists and hone their leadership skills.

Youth Presence at Goldman Prize Ceremonies

In addition to being invited to both the San Francisco and Washington, D.C., ceremonies, each year hundreds of youths from local schools and environmental groups join us for an exclusive Q&A session with the latest Prize winners.

Before the 2019 ceremony, Jacqueline Evans (Cook Islands, 2019) and Ana Colovic Lesoska (2019, North Macedonia) served as speakers for a youth reception. The Prize winners shared their stories and answered questions from members of local groups, such as the City Arts & Tech High SchoolYouth United for Community Action, and the Alliance for Climate Education.

Below are some testimonials from young attendees of the ceremonies:

“When I walk outside, I hear the birds chirping and I force myself to imagine a world without them, and it sparks a fire in me. I know that even though I’m one person I can make a difference.”

“Nature gives to us, so it’s our job to be active and give back.”

We also find opportunities to collaborate with local schools to share the work of Goldman Prize recipients as part of their environmental curriculum (even inspiring a youth award in the process!).