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Watch the 2023 Goldman Environmental Prize ceremony.

Anne Kajir

Prize Year: 2006

Xiaogang Yu

Yu Xiaogang created groundbreaking watershed management programs to aid communities displaced by dam construction. His work led to social impact assessments being included in large development projects.

Olya Melen

As a young lawyer, Olya Melen successfully stopped construction on a deep-water shipping channel that would have destroyed fragile ecosystems in the heart of the Danube Delta, one of the most valuable wetlands in the world.

Silas Siakor

At great personal risk, Silas Siakor released evidence that former President Charles Taylor used profits from illegal logging to pay for a brutal civil war, leading to a United Nations Security Council ban on the export of Liberian timber.

Craig Williams

Craig Williams formed a national grassroots coalition against the incineration of chemical weapons stored in the United States, and convinced the Pentagon to halt incineration plans at four major chemical weapons stockpiles.

Tarcísio Feitosa

Tarcísio Feitosa documented extensive illegal logging and helped a grassroots environmental coalition create the world’s largest group of protected tropical forest regions.

Anne Kajir

Anne Kajir won a precedent-setting lawsuit on landholder rights against a global timber company that conducted large-scale, illegal logging in the largest remaining intact block of tropical forests in Papua New Guinea.