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Prize Year: 1991

Evaristo Nugkuag

Evaristo Nugkuag, a member of Peru’s Aguaruna tribe, organized his people to creative alliances at local, national and international levels to protect indigenous rights and the environment.

Cath Wallace

A tireless protector of Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem, Cath Wallace advocated the ratification of the Antarctic Environmental Protocol.

Yoichi Kuroda

Yoichi Kuroda coordinated Japan Tropical Action Network’s campaign to publicly expose and reform Japan’s role in tropical deforestation.

Samuel LaBudde

Samuel LaBudde’s films documenting the slaughter of dolphins by tuna fishing boats and the destruction of marine life by driftnet fleets led to dolphin-safe tuna and a UN ban on driftnets.

Wangari Maathai

Starting with a small tree nursery in her backyard, Wangari Maathai (d. 2011) launched Kenya’s Green Belt Movement

Eha Kern & Roland Tiensuu

Eha Kern, a teacher in rural Sweden, and her 9-year-old student, Roland Tiensuu, started a children’s movement to raise millions of dollars to purchase and preserve rainforests.