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This year's honorees are reshaping the future. Join us.


Pedro Arrojo-Agudo

Prize Year: 2003

Von Hernandez

Despite intense industry pressure and government corruption, Von Hernandez led the Philippines to institute the world’s first national ban on waste incinerators, a source of cancer-causing dioxins.

Odigha Odigha

Odigha Odigha’s work has resulted in representation for Nigerian civil society in all forest management policies, including a statewide logging moratorium to protect the country’s remaining rainforests.

Eileen Wani Wingfield & Eileen Kampakuta Brown

Eileen Kampakuta Brown and Eileen Wani Wingfield led the campaign to block construction of a nuclear waste dump 50 years after nuclear bomb tests caused birth defects, cancer and the poisoning of the environment and wildlife.

Maria Foronda

Maria Foronda fostered partnerships between community groups, fishmeal producers and the government to institute environmentally sound and profitable business practices in lieu of dumping untreated industrial waste into streams and out of smokestacks.

Julia Bonds

A coal miner’s daughter, Julia “Judy” Bonds fought to end mountaintop removal coal mining that contaminates drinking water, destroys rivers and forests, increases asthma rates, and forces families to abandon their homes.

Arrojo Agudo Pedro

A physicist and economics professor, Pedro Arrojo-Agudo spearheaded a new wave of activism and forged a sustainable water future based on conservation, recycling and informed agricultural choices.