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Pisit Charnsnoh

Prize Year: 2002

Jadwiga Lopata

Jadwiga Lopata created an eco-tourism program that promoted the environmental, economic and health advantages of small family farms over large-scale factory agriculture.

Alexis Massol González

A civil engineer, Alexis Massol-González established Puerto Rico’s first community-managed forest reserve, Bosque del Pueblo (People’s Forest), where shade-grown coffee and eco-tourism bring income to the community.

Sarah James & Norma Kassi & Jonathan Solomon

Gwich’in tribal leaders, Sarah James, Norma Kassi and Jonathon Solomon (d. 2006) defended the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling that targets the heart of the refuge’s wildlife habitat and coastal plain.

Fatima Jibrell

Fatima Jibrell saved northeastern Somalia from the massive logging of old-growth acacia trees by persuading the regional government to create and enforce a ban on exports of charcoal made from the trees.

Jean La Rose

A key leader in the Amerindian struggle for full rights to traditional lands, Jean La Rose coordinated the first indigenous land rights lawsuit in Guyana to protect streams, rainforests and endangered indigenous communities harmed by mining.

Pisit Charnsnoh

Pisit Charnsnoh’s work has led to the restoration and protection of the mangroves and improved yields for local fishers. As a result, the Thai government has allowed local sustainable management of environmental resources.