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Prize Year: 2011

Ursula Sladek

In response to Germany’s expanded reliance on nuclear energy, Ursula Sladek created her country’s first cooperatively-owned renewable power company.

Hilton Kelley

Hilton Kelley is a leading figure in the battle for environmental justice on the Texas Gulf Coast, as he fights for communities living in the shadow of polluting industries.

Dmitry Lisitsyn

Dmitry Lisitsyn fought to protect Sakhalin Island’s critically endangered ecosystems while also demanding safety measures from one of the world’s largest petroleum development projects.

Francisco Pineda

Living under the constant threat of assassination, Francisco Pineda courageously led a citizens’ movement that stopped a gold mine from destroying El Salvador’s dwindling water resources and the livelihoods of rural communities.

Prigi Arisandi

Prigi Arisandi initiated a local movement to stop industrial pollution from flowing into Surabaya’s river that provides drinking water to 3 million people.

Raoul du Toit

Raoul du Toit coordinated conservation initiatives that have helped develop and maintain the largest remaining black rhino populations in Zimbabwe.