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Julio Cusurichi

Prize Year: 2007

Orri Vigfússon

Orri Vigfússon brokered huge international fishing rights buyouts with governments and corporations in the North Atlantic, effectively stopping destructive commercial salmon fishing in the region.

Tsetsegee Munkhbayar

Ts. Munkhbayar successfully worked with government and grassroots organizations to shut down destructive mining operations along Mongolia’s scarce waterways.

Sophia Rabliauskas

Sophia Rabliauskas succeeded in securing interim protection for the boreal forests of Manitoba, effectively preventing destructive logging and hydropower development.

Hammerskjoeld Simwinga

In an area where illegal wildlife poaching decimated the wild elephant population and left villagers living in extreme poverty, Hammer Simwinga created an innovative program that successfully restored wildlife and transformed the poverty-stricken area.

Willie Corduff

In the small farming community of Rossport, Willie Corduff and a group of committed activists and landowners successfully forced Shell Oil to halt construction on an illegally approved pipeline through their land.

Julio Cusurichi

In the remote Peruvian Amazon, Julio Cusurichi secured a national reserve to protect both sensitive rainforest ecosystems and the rights of indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation from the devastating effects of logging and mining.