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Michael Werikhe

Country: Kenya

Phyllis Omido

After learning her own breast milk was making her baby sick—and realizing her child wasn’t the only one suffering from lead poisoning—Phyllis Omido galvanized the community in Mombasa to shut down the smelter that was exposing people to dangerous chemicals.

Ikal Angelei

Ikal Angelei organized local people to fight the construction of the massive Gibe 3 Dam that would block access to water for indigenous communities around Lake Turkana.

Wangari Maathai

Starting with a small tree nursery in her backyard, Wangari Maathai (d. 2011) launched Kenya’s Green Belt Movement

Michael Werikhe

Kenya’s “Rhino Man” walked thousands of miles in East Africa, Europe and North America to raise public awareness and money for the endangered black rhinoceros.