Picture of all the 2020 Goldman Prize winners

Support the Work of the 2020 Prize Winners

November 30, 2020

On November 30, we announced the six 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize winners in a first-of-its-kind virtual award ceremony (available to watch on YouTube). Whether engaging with their causes internationally or in your own hometown, learn how you can support the work and activism of the 2020 Prize winners.

1. Go green energy with Chibeze Ezekiel

Chibeze Ezekiel (Ghana, 2020) stopped a coal power plant and port from being built in Ghana. Learn how you can support the fight for renewable energy at home and abroad:

2. Reduce plastic waste with Kristal Ambrose

Kristal Ambrose (The Bahamas, 2020) knows that our oceans are facing a serious threat: plastics. She took action to ban single-use plastics in her country. You can join her fight:

  • No action is too small. Ask your jurisdiction to ban single-use plastics!
  • Support Kristal’s nonprofit organization, the Bahamas Plastic Movement.

3. Say no to GMO contamination with Leydy Pech

Leydy Pech (Mexico, 2020) and her Mayan community discovered that GM soybeans were harming their agrarian livelihood and culture—and killing bees—and took a stand to stop them:

4. Bank and invest ethically with Lucie Pinson

In the fight against climate change, Lucie Pinson (France, 2020) realized that “money speaks.” She set out to halt coal investments by major banks and insurers, and you can join her:

  • Research your banks and investments to ensure that you are not subsidizing coal and other fossil fuels, via Lucie’s Coal Policy Tool.
  • Check out Lucie’s new organization, Reclaim Finance, which compares financial institutions’ policies on coal investment.

5. Protect the Amazon with Nemonte Nenquimo

Thanks to the leadership of Nemonte Nenquimo (Ecuador, 2020) and the Waorani people, 500,000 acres of Amazonian rainforest are preserved. One of the world’s most important carbon sinks, the Amazon still needs your support:

6. Conserve indigenous territory and culture with Paul Sein Twa

The 1.35-million-acre Salween River Peace Park is a testament to indigenous self-determination and conservation. Join Paul Sein Twa (Myanmar, 2020) in protecting biodiversity and indigenous autonomy:

  • Support grassroots and indigenous environmentalists seeking to preserve nature, tradition, and land rights.
  • Learn more and share news from Paul’s organization, KESAN.

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