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New York Climate Week: Energy and Optimism in the Big City

September 27, 2023

On Sunday, September 17, Goldman Prize winners from all around the world participated in New York City’s March to End Fossil Fuels. The march was the kickoff to New York Climate Week, a whirlwind of a week full of networking, learning, and storytelling for the fight against climate change.

Throughout the week, Goldman Prize winners played a key role: sharing stories of grassroots mobilization and emphasizing the importance of community-based solutions. Goldman Prize winners spoke on panels about the Global Plastics Treaty, met with policymakers and nonprofit representatives, and shared their stories alongside Indigenous female environmental defenders.

Prize winners on the ground included Nalleli Cobo (United States, 2022), Gloria Majiga-Kamoto (Malawi, 2021), Kristal Ambrose (The Bahamas, 2020), Sharon Lavigne (United States, 2021), Nemonte Nenquimo (Ecuador, 2020), and Diane Wilson (United States, 2023).

As we reflect on the week, we are inspired by the energy, optimism, and creativity shown throughout different sectors in the fight to protect our environment. Enjoy these photos from the march!

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