Water is critical to climate mitigation, says Kravcik

August 4, 2009

In the lead-up to the December UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, NGOs and others working on climate issues have been encouraged to share ideas for how future climate policy should be shaped.  Michal Kravcik, 1999 Goldman Prize recipient from Slovakia, and his colleagues, Jan Pokorny, Juraj Kohutiar and Martin Kovac have developed a discussion paper that emphasizes the importance of water and land use on climate.

The groups writes:

  1. Water in all its forms has a substantial role in the climate system of the Earth.
  2. Draining of water from land through deforestation, forms of agriculture and urbanization, contributes to climate change.
  3. Restoration of water and vegetation on disrupted landscapes is the key mitigating and adaptive measure to combat the part of climate change caused by human drainage of water from the land.

Read the full text of the paper here.