Big Ideas at Spain’s WILD10 Wilderness Congress

October 8, 2013

Pedro Arrojo-Argudo was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2003 for his water conservation work in Spain. Today, Arrojo continues to advocate for sustainable water management policies that do not rely on damming and diverting, but instead are based on conservation, recycling and smarter agricultural choices.

This week, Arrojo is participating in the WILD10 Wilderness Congress, a six day conference in Salamanca, Spain. WILD10 is the 10th World Wilderness Congress (WWC), an international, public conservation project that brings together several diverse groups including government officials, community representatives, businesses, scientists, artists and more to collaborate on and tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

Arrojo is participating WILD10’s Global Forum program on the Citizen Activism. The goal of the Citizen Activism program is to “Inspire a Social Movement for Wild Nature” with a special focus on using communication tools to builda more diverse social movement for the protection of wild nature.

For more information on the WILD10 conference, check out the video below: