Cross-Border Water Conflicts on the Rise

2012 Goldman Prize recipient Ikal Angelei recently shared a link to a stirring video posted on the Yale e360 blog about the struggle between nomadic herdsman in southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya- whose survival depends on access to the Omo River and Lake Turkana.

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Mesopotamian Marshlands Officially Recognized as Iraq’s First National Park

Congratulations to 2013 Goldman Environmental Prize recipient Azzam Alwash and his team at Nature Iraq, who are celebrating a huge victory this week, following the announcement that the Mesopotamian Marshlands have been officially recognized as Iraq’s first National Park!

Alwash was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2013 for his unwavering dedication to restoring and preserving the marshes, which were nearly destroyed under Saddam Hussein’s rule.

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Pollution from the Garment Industry Wreaks Havoc across Asia

From China to Bangladesh, rivers run purple, blue and black with waste from garment factories. Locals say they can tell what colors are in fashion by looking at the river. Meanwhile, the air is so thick with toxic fumes- it causes regular nosebleeds, fainting, and retching- especially in children.

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Goldman Prize Recipients Join Forces with Al Gore to Combat Climate Change

Congratulations to Goldman Prize recipients Kimberly Wasserman and Ignace Schops on being selected to join Al Gore’s Climate Leadership Corps, part of the Climate Reality Project- an organization that seeks to fight climate change by empowering local citizens to make a difference.

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Douglas E. Goldman Calls for Gabonese President to Overturn Sentence Against Marc Ona

Douglas E. Goldman, President of the Goldman Environmental Foundation, recently sent a letter to Gabonese President Ali Bongo in support of 2009 Goldman Prize winner Marc Ona Essangui.

Mr. Ona is facing possible jail time and a fee of nearly $10,000.00 US after being convicted of defamation by a Gabonese court for speaking out against suspected government corruption.

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2013 Prize: Q&A with Rossano Ercolini

An elementary school teacher, Rossano Ercolini began a public education campaign about the dangers of incinerators in his small Tuscan town that grew into a national Zero Waste movement.

How did you begin to create awareness in your community about the dangers of incinerators and the need to adopt recycling programs?

When it was announced that there would be an incinerator constructed in our community, many people, particularly mothers, were concerned about what the effects would be on the children.

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2013 Prize: Q&A with Azzam Alwash

Giving up a comfortable living and family life in California, Azzam Alwash returned to war-torn Iraq to lead local communities in restoring the once-lush marshes that were turned to dust bowls during Saddam Hussein’s rule.

How did you first learn about Saddam Hussein’s destruction of the Mesopotamian marshes and what motivated you to dedicate your life to restoring them?

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Silas Siakor Speaks Out Against Palm Oil Developments

Silas Siakor was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2006 for exposing evidence that former Liberian President Charles Taylor used profits from unchecked, rampant logging to pay the costs of a brutal 14-year civil war that left 150,000 people dead.

At great personal risk, Siakor collected extremely hard-to-get evidence of falsified logging records, illegal logging practices and associated human rights abuses. As a result of his work, the United Nations placed strict sanctions on Liberia- banning the export of timber.

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