Casa Pueblo Demands Clean Up of Vieques Island

2002 Goldman Environmental Prize recipient Alexis Massol and his team at Casa Pueblo recently issued a letter to the Governor of Puerto Rico demanding the swift clean-up of Vieques Island.

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A Fierce Green Fire Coming to a Theater Near You

A Fierce Green Fire is a feature-length documentary film that explores the last 50 years of the environmental movement.  The title of the film was inspired by the book by the same name, written by Philip Shabecoff.

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Goldman Prize Recipients to Participate in PIELC Conference

The theme of this year’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) is ‘Earth: Too Big to Fail.’ The conference is set to take place February 28 – March 3, in Eugene Oregon.

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Show a Little Love for Wildlife

In honor of Valentine’s Day we are showcasing photos of Goldman Prize winners showing their love for the amazing wildlife they work hard to protect.

2010 Prize recipient Tuy Sereivathana, known as "Uncle Elephant,"  introduced innovative low-cost solutions to mitigate human-elephant conflict in Cambodia, empowering local communities to cooperatively participate in endangered Asian elephant conservation.

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World’s Third Largest Paper Company Commits to End Deforestation

A major victory for rainforest conservation came this month as the world’s third largest paper supply company announced it would end its involvement with rainforest deforestation in Indonesia.

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New Report from IPE Reviews 31 IT Companies, Including Apple

2012 Goldman Prize recipient Ma Jun and the team at Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) are committed to keeping Apple and other IT companies accountable.

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International Treaty Seeks to Curb Global Mercury Emissions

Did you know that the term “mad as a hatter” refers to the mental illnesses suffered by 19th century milliners from their exposure to mercury, a highly toxic element that was used to shape felt hats?

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