Exhibit Gives Voice to Water Conflict Victims

Pedro Arrojo was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2003 for his oppositions to Spain’s 1995 National Hydrological Plan (NHP), which called for 120 new dams that would have devastated countless natural areas and fishing communities along the Ebro River.

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Celebrate Giving Tuesday by Donating to the Goldman Prize Winners

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's easy to get bogged down with buying and consuming during the holidays. Take a break today and help us celebrate Giving Tuesday.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday open the holiday shopping season, Giving Tuesday marks the official start of the ‘giving season.’ After all, aren’t the holidays really about giving back and being thankful for what we have?

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Prize Winners Come Together to Fight Climate Change

1995 Goldman Prize recipient Ricardo Navarro and his organization Friends of the Earth El Salvador/CESTA recently partnered with the Movement of the Victims and Peoples Affected by Climate Change (MOVIAC

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Stunning Photos of Belgium’s Hoge Kempen National Park

In early 2006, Belgium opened its first national park, thanks to the hard work of 2008 Goldman Prize recipient Ignace Schops. For several years, Schops and the team at Regionaal Landschap 

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Argentine Judge Freezes Chevron’s Assets

In an effort to enforce Ecuador’s $18 billion ruling against Chevron, an Argentine judge signed an order to freeze almost all of Chevron’s $2 billion assets in that country.  

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Europarc 2012 Photo Blog

Last week, we detailed the first half of Lorrae Rominger’s recent outreach trip to Europe, where she met with 2005 Goldman Prize recipient Stephanie Roth in Berlin, Germany. 

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Vote the Environment!

In light of today’s US presidential election, the Goldman Prize is reflecting on the importance of keeping the environment on the nations’ political agenda.

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Stephanie Roth and the Future of Farming in Europe

Lorrae Rominger, Interim Executive Director of the Goldman Prize, recently returned from a trip to Europe where she had the opportunity to engage with potential nominators and connect with past Goldman Prize winners.

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