After IUCN, Ignace Schops Gears Up for Europarc 2012

The IUCN World Conservation Congress took place earlier this month in Jeju, South Korea. Held every four years, the conference is the world’s largest conservation event and aims to “improve how we manage our natural environment for human, social and economic development.”

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'Rendezvous for Rivers' Event Sends Positive Message

International Rivers, a longtime nominating partner for the Goldman Prize, recently hosted Rendezvous for Rivers, an event ‘to celebrate the power of the people and International River’s work in Africa, Asia and Latin America.’

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Caroline Cannon Speaks Out As Ice Cover Reaches Record Low

Caroline Cannon, the 2012 Prize winner from Alaska, recently participated on a panel at Greenpeace’s Polar Emergency event in New York City. The event brought together scientists, journalists and environmental activists to discuss why the Arctic’s ice is melting so quickly and what should be done about it.

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Global Poaching Crisis Underscores Importance of Prize Winners’ Work

Over the past several weeks, The New York Times and National Geographic Magazine dedicated pages and pages of lengthy articles to the global poaching crisis. While those articles focus mostly on the African elephant and the ‘blood ivory’ trade, poaching of endangered species is on the rise worldwide.

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Women’s Earth Alliance Event Offers Alternative Solutions

Goldman Prize staff members Lani Alo and Jenny Park had the opportunity to attend Seeds of Resilience: Women Protecting Their Right to Land and Food, an event hosted by Women’s Earth Alliance.

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Welcome Back to School from the Goldman Prize!

As summer winds down we are spotlighting Prize recipients who know the importance of teaching children about environmental protection.

This short video clip features Prize winners interacting with children in their communities through educational and outreach workshops.

This back to school season, be sure to talk to your children about protecting the Earth.

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