Civil Society Leaders Outline ‘The Rio+20 We Don’t Want’

Amid continuing criticism against the outline agreement that came out of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development last week in Rio de Janeiro, a group of civil society leaders have signed on to a statement titled “The Rio+20 We Don’t Want” addressed to the UN and the government delegates at Rio+20.

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Environmental Activists Face Deadly Risks

An alarming new report by Global Witness (an environmental and human rights NGO) reveals that environmental activists are being killed at a rate of one per week. According to an article on The Guardian about the report, last month was one of the deadliest for Filipino activists, while environmental defenders working in the America’s face the highest risk of death for their activities.

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Indigenous Leaders Deliver Resolution to UN Delegates

Indigenous groups from around the world, including Japan and the Philippines, gathered yesterday to deliver a resolution to UN delegates at Rio+20. Goldman Prize staff was on site as the groups marched in solidarity to the Rio Center, the official site of the UN summit.

A group of leaders representing the various indigenous groups met with a representative from the UN and the Brazilian Environment Ministry to delivery their declaration. For the full declaration, please click here.

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Protestors Take to the Streets of Rio in a Mass Demonstration

A wet and rainy day in Rio did not dampen activists' spirits. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets, as the UN Sustainable Development summit got underway on Wednesday. Protests of every variety now fill the city, spotlighting everything from environmental protection to economic reform.   

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The People’s Summit Gets Underway at Rio+20

Goldman Prize staff members Melina Selverston-Scher and Jenny Park spent yesterday at the People’s summit in Rio de Janeiro. Touted as the ‘counter conference,’ the People’s summit departs from the ‘suit and tie’ formality of the UN conference and offers a more relaxed, grassroots forum for alternative ideas and discussion. An outlet for idealism, radical change and discontent- the People’s summit is home to sundry protests and ideologies. 

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Goldman Prize Recipients Honored at Rio +20 Reception

Yesterday evening, nearly 70 Goldman Prize recipients, nominators, staff and colleagues gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to celebrate grassroots environmentalism and to support the work of all Goldman Prize recipients. The reception, hosted by the Goldman Environmental Foundation, also helped to reinforce the unified voice of Prize winners calling on world leaders to make real environmental commitments at Rio+20.

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Prize Winners Unite to Celebrate 30 Years of Environmentalism in Korea

Eight Goldman Prize recipients from the Asia-Pacific region recently participated in a symposium hosted by the Korea Green Foundation to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Korean Environmental Movement.

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Mill Valley Film Group Wins Big

We are thrilled to announce that our partners at Mill Valley Film Group took home their third Emmy Award for The New Environmentalists, a short film featuring the work of the 2011 Goldman Prize winners: Ursula Sladek, Dmitry Lisitsyn,

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The Goldman Prize Calls for Public Apology to Maria Gunnoe

On June 1st, 2012, Maria Gunnoe, 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize winner and tireless champion of Appalachian environmental and human rights, arrived at the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

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Medha Patkar Arrested for Protesting Forced Evictions

Medha Patkar, 1992 Goldman Prize recipient from India, was recently arrested for protesting against the forced eviction of the indigenous Koliwada fisher people from their traditional land in Mumbai.

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