Governor Gives Nod to Establishing Nature Preserves in Sakhalin

After months of consulting with the environment and finance ministries, Governor Khoroshavin recently signed an order that clears the way to develop nature preserves in the Sakhalin region.

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PBS 'Need to Know' to feature Ursula Sladek

Ursula Sladek will be featured on "Need to Know," the PBS news and public affairs program. The segment is produced by investigative journalist Marjorie McAfee, who has also covered Feliciano Dos Santos for PBS Frontline and features footage from the Mill Valley Film Group.

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CNN Leaves Out Critical Voice in Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Story

Last night, CNN aired "Battle for Blair Mountain: Working in America," a documentary piece on coal mining hosted by Soledad O'Brien. While the piece makes an effort to represent both sides of the issue, it leaves out a critical voice: Appalachian families whose health and livelihoods have been in steady decline because of mountaintop removal coal minining.

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Arab Spring in Egypt Brings ‘Pivotal Moment’ for Garbage Collectors

1994 Goldman Prize winner Laila Iskandar and her Cairo-based NGO, the Spirit of Youth Association (SYA), saw an opportunity in Egypt’s recent political uprising to raise awareness about the importance of proper waste management.


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