New Documentary features 2007 Recipient Willie Corduff

For more than five years, the people of Rossport in County Mayo, Ireland have been fighting Shell Oil's plans to build the Corrib Gas Pipeline directly through their farmland and coastline.  This tiny community, whose residents have called it home for generations, has been torn apart through this fight, with some people siding with Shell and the development and others vowing to fight it regardless of the consequences.

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2011 Prize: Q&A with Dmitry Lisitsyn

Dmitry Lisitsyn is fighting to protect Sakhalin Island's critical endangered ecosystems while also demanding safety measures from one of the world's largest petroleum development projects. Learn more about his work in the Q&A below.

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2011 Prize: Q&A With Ursula Sladek

Ursula Sladek is bringing decentralized, sustainably-produced energy to more than 100,000 customers all over Germany with her cooperatively-owned power company.  Learn more about her innovative approach to energy production and delivery in the Q&A below.

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