2011 Prize: Q&A With Prigi Arisandi

Prigi Arisandi is leading efforts to clean up the Surabaya River, a water source for three million people.  Learn more about how he's inspiring young people and taking legal action to stop industrial pollution in the Q&A below.

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2011 Prize: Q&A with Francisco Pineda

Living under the constant threat of assassination, Francisco Pineda courageously led a citizens' movement that stopped a gold mine from destroying El Salvador's dwindling water resources and the livelihoods of rural communities throughout the country. 

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2011 Ceremony Videos Now Online

On April 11, 2011, more than 3,200 people gathered at San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House to honor the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize recipients.  Below are clips from the ceremony, including a keynote address by John Goldman and acceptance speeches from each recipient.


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2011 Prize Week: Q&A with Hilton Kelley

Hilton Kelley is an environmental justic leader at the forefront of the fight to protect communities from harmful industrial pollution on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Learn about how he's making a difference in his community of Port Arthur, Texas in the Q&A below.

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2011 Prize Week: Q&A with Raoul du Toit

Raoul du Toit won the Goldman Prize for his courageous work in coordinating conservation initiatives that have helped to develop and maintain the largest remaining black rhino populations in Zimbabwe.  We sat down with him to learn more about his work.

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Recipients Shine at the 2011 Prize Ceremony

What a night! 

Environmental supporters from around the world gathered at San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House last night to celebrate the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize recipients. 

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2011 Prize Recipients in the News

Check out some of today's press about the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize:

April 11, 2011
Major award for rhino conservationist

BBC World Service

April 11, 2011
Awards Season for Environmentalists

New York Times

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Announcing the 2011 Goldman Prize Recipients

The day is finally here!  The Goldman Environmental Prize is pleased to announce the 2011 recipients.  Learn about each recipient by clicking on the links below.

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Global Focus VII Airs in the Bay Area this Sunday

Just in time to help us celebrate the next group of amazing Goldman Environmental Prize recipients on Monday, KQED TV will air Global Focus VII - The New Environmentalists this Sunday, April 10 at 5pm.  In the coming weeks, both KQED (Bay Area) and KTEH (San Jose) will continue to air the program.  

Be sure to tune in to see longer, more in-depth profiles of the 2010 Goldman Prize recipients. The program travels to Swaziland, Cambodia, Poland, Cuba, Michigan and Costa Rica.

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Stay tuned for the 2011 Prize announcement on April 11

The Prize staff has been working for months to bring the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize recipients to San Francisco.  They have finally arrived!  We are so excited to share their inspiring stories with you on Monday, April 11.  Join our email list or like us on Facebook to be the first to hear the good news.


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