Via Verde Pipeline Halted in Puerto Rico

October 30, 2012

2002 Goldman Prize recipient Alexis Massol-Gonzalez and the team at Casa Pueblo are celebrating a major victory following news that the Via Verde pipeline project has been halted. The Puerto Rican power authority sent an official request to the US Army Corps of Engineers to withdraw its proposal for the project.

Massol-Gonzalez and the organization he founded in the 1980’s, Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas, have been fighting to stop the pipeline for years. The Goldman Prize has been covering his efforts along the way. Find links to past coverage below.

The controversial pipeline’s proposed route would have negatively impacted over 1,500 acres of rainforest, endangering rivers, streams, and wildlife, and would have threatened the safety of over 200,000 people.

The Puerto Rican power authority will now look for a more viable, less destructive route for the pipeline.

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