Good News for Prigi Arisandi’s Campaign to Clean-up the Surabaya River

July 17, 2012

After working closely with Prigi Arisandi and the team at ECOTON, the governor of East Java, DR Soekarwo, has agreed to create a new sanctuary zone for native fish on the Surabaya River. Arisandi’s team just concluded a one year research project on the Surabaya, which revealed that the river’s water quality is the healthiest it has been since at 2002. ECOTON was happy to declare that section of the river as ‘good habitat for fish,’ a significant victory for Arisandi’s campaign to clean-up the Surabaya.


Meanwhile, construction is nearly complete on the Brantas Institute for River Rehabilitation- a training center that Arisandi and his wife, Daru are building in large part with the Goldman Prize award money they received.