Ursula Sladek Inspires Grassroots Movement for Nuclear-Free Japan

February 24, 2012

The Fukashima disaster in Japan illustrated all too clearly the dangers of nuclear power. Ursula Sladek’s campaign for a nuclear-free future is reaching people around the world, especially in Japan, where one woman was so inspired- she decided to start an anti-nuclear movement of her own: the Natural Energy Society. Mariko Sayama wrote to the Goldman Prize about her efforts, solidifying the notion that our Prize winners do more than just inspire hope – they prompt action.

In Sayama’s words:

“…Your organization has given impetus to many Japanese grassroots activists who are trying really hard – tirelessly – to realize a nuclear free society in Japan, by awarding your highly renowned Goldman Environmental Prize to Frau Ursula Sladek in 2011.”

“…After showing the movie about Shonau electric company, many people told me that they were given much hope for the future of Japan.”

“We know that our activity has begun on a very small scale, but we would like to move on- steadfastly believing that every activity begins with a very small step.”