Prize Winners Come Together to Fight Climate Change

November 21, 2012

1995 Goldman Prize recipient Ricardo Navarro and his organization Friends of the Earth El Salvador/CESTA recently partnered with the Movement of the Victims and Peoples Affected by Climate Change (MOVIAC) to organize an international conference in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The International Conference on Climate Change, Territories and Social Movements took place over two days in early November and attracted over 100 activists from around the world. Among those in attendance was 1998 Goldman Prize winner Bobby Peek from South Africa, who gave a presentation, titled “The Resource Looting of Africa. By Whom? For Whom?”

The conference focused on developing a common strategy of resistance to megaprojects and the climate crisis. Some conference attendees will also be participating in a solidarity tour to communities affected by mining and megaprojects, such 2012 Prize recipient Francisco Pineda’s community of Cabañas.

“In El Salvador, we will express our solidarity with the Environmental Committee of Cabañas,” the tour coordinator, Marta Zobgi, said about the organization which Pineda leads.