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Past Prize recipients featured by CNN and National Geographic, develop new policy, win awards

June 22, 2007

Wangari Maathai and Arthur Chaskalson Receive the Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2007 Mandela Health & Human Rights Award

June 20, 2007
Wangari Mattai, 1991 Goldman Prize Recipient from Kenya, and Former South African Chief Justice, Arthur Chaskalson, today were awarded the 2007 Nelson Mandela Award for Health and Human Rights. Prof. Maathai won the award for her contribution to women’s empowerment in Kenya and internationally. Chief Justice Chaskalson was recognized for his lifelong contribution to establishing a rights culture in South Africa demonstrated by his role in drafting the new Constitution for post apartheid South Africa, which included the right to health care among its provisions.

Established in 1992 by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation at the behest of Nelson Mandela, the Mandela Award honors individuals for outstanding dedication to improving the health and life chances of disadvantaged populations in South Africa and internationally. Recipients are selected in conjunction with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and with the approval of Mr. Mandela.

The Kaiser Family Foundation hosted the ceremony held at the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, on July 19, which included introductory comments from Kaiser President and CEO, Drew Altman, Ph.D., and a keynote address by South African Deputy President, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.

A leader in health policy and communications, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation is a U.S.-based non-profit, private operating foundation focusing on the major health care issues facing the U.S., with a growing role in global health. Over the past two decades, Kaiser has also maintained a major program in South Africa with the aim of helping South Africans establish a more equitable national health system and build a successful democracy.

Eugene Rutagarama recognized as a CNN Hero

June 12, 2007
Eugene Rutagarama, 2001 Goldman Environmental Prize Recipient for Africa, was recently recognized by CNN for his work protecting mountain gorillas in his home country of Rwanda. A Heroes piece profiling Eugene began airing on CNN, CNN Headline News and CNN International on Tuesday, June 12th.

View CNN Hero Profile on Eugene Rutagarama

Orri Vigfusson and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund sign major agreement with Greenland

June 2, 2007
2007 Goldman Prize Recipient Orri Vigfusson’s North Atlantic Salmon Fund and the Atlantic Salmon Federation have signed a new Salmon Agreement with the Organization of Fishermen and Hunters in Greenland (KNAPK). The agreement was endorsed by the Greenland Home Rule Government, which will help enforce it.

The seven-year moratorium agreement closes all commercial salmon fisheries in Greenland’s territorial waters. Greenland also agreed to reduce its by-catch of salmon, minimize subsistence fisheries and provide limited supply specifically to hospitals and homes for the elderly. Compensation for the moratoria will go to projects geared toward redirecting commercial netsmen to alternative sustainable fisheries in Greenlands´s inshore fishing industry. It will also provide employment in coastal communities aimed at promoting sustainable use of marine resources and benefiting marine conservation. The efforts are aimed at maintaining a zero commercial quota as established by the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO).

Anne Kajir wins 2007 Pride of Papua New Guinea Award

June 2, 2007
Anne Kajir, 2006 Goldman Environmental Prize Recipient for Islands & Island Nations, was honored with the Pride of Papua New Guinea Award by the Governor General of Papua New Guinea. Medals for the award were given to Anne and five other women for their various roles in society at the State Function Room, Parliament House. This award is the first of its kind in Papua New Guinea, honoring women who do extraordinary work. The six medal categories include bravery, courage, young PNG, community spirit, education/role model and environment. Anne was honored in the environment category.

Bill Ballantine featured in April edition of National Geographic Magazine

April 15, 2007
1996 Goldman Prize Recipient Bill Ballantine, of New Zealand, was featured prominently in the April 2007 edition of National Geographic Magazine. The article highlights Bill’s groundbreaking work in establishing and advocating for marine reserves in New Zealand.

Read the National Geographic article featuring Bill Ballantine.

Rashida Bee and Champa devi Shukla establish Chingari Award for women working against corporate crimes

May 5, 2007
2004 Goldman Prize Recipients Rashida Bee and Champa devi Shukla have used their Goldman Prize cash award to establish an award for women in India who are working to fight corporate crimes. Despite the fact that both Bopal gas-affected women are sole bread earners of their families and face severe health problems, they have chosen to give away the entire sum of money to set up their non-profit organization, Chingari Trust. The Award is one of the activities that the Trust has instituted, along with a livelihood project for women survivors of the disaster and subsequent chemical contamination, and a health care programme for children born with congenital defects to gas-affected parents.

Read more about the Chingari Trust.

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