Governor Gives Nod to Establishing Nature Preserves in Sakhalin

August 25, 2011

After months of consulting with the environment and finance ministries, Governor Khoroshavin recently signed an order that clears the way to develop nature preserves in the Sakhalin region.

2011 Goldman Prize winner Dmitry Lisitsyn, along with his wife Natalya and other leaders, have spent the better part of this year meeting with policymakers to develop a draft plan to establish protected areas in the area. The plan was unanimously approved in June by the Environmental Council of Sakhalin Oblast, chaired by the state lieutenant governor, before arriving at the governor’s desk.

The victory is especially poignant as recent changes in Russian government have made it particularly hard for environmentalists to influence policymakers, as Dmitry explained to Dick Gordon on this week’s The Story.

The plan creates a protected area along the Dagi River, saving endangered fish species such as the Sakhalin taimen. It is also expected to bring economic benefits that significantly outweigh implementation costs by creating new jobs and infrastructure development from scientific research, tourism and recreational services.

Please join us in extending our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Dima and his colleagues!