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Goldman Prize winners stand with Isidro Baldenegro

January 27, 2017

Over 65 Prize winners are joining together to send an open letter to the Ambassador of Mexico to the United States, Carlos Sada Solana, on behalf of Prize winner Isidro Baldenegro, who was assassinated on January 15, 2017:

Dear Sir:

Ref.: An Open Letter from Goldman Environmental Prize Laureates

We, Goldman Environmental Prize Laureates from across the world, are deeply saddened and outraged by the murder of Mr. Isidro Baldenegro López on January 15, 2017. To date, there is limited information available to us about the circumstances surrounding his death, and the status of the investigation. We, however, denounce his murder in the strongest possible terms.

Through this letter, we call on the Government of Mexico to conduct a speedy, independent and transparent investigation into his death, and to do all within its powers to bring the perpetuators to justice. This is particularly urgent considering that environmental activists in Latin America are being murdered at an alarming rate, especially over the past year. We will continue to monitor the situation and the investigation.

Thank you for considering our call, and we hope that the government will bring those responsible to justice.

Sincerely yours,

Silas Siakor, Liberia 2006

Ramesh Agrawal, India 2014

Carlos Alberto Ricardo, Brazil 1992

Azzam Alwash, Iraq 2013

Jane Akre, United States/Florida 2001

Ikal Angelei, Kenya 2012

Marilyn Baptiste, Canada 2015

Zuzana Čaputová, Slovakia 2016

Evgenia Chirikova, Russia 2012

Paul Alan Cox, United States/California 1997

Jonathan Deal, South Africa 2013

Elías Díaz Peña, Paraguay 2000

Desmond D’Sa, South Africa 2014

Feliciano dos Santos, Mozambique 2008

Wadja Egnankou, Ivory Coast 1992

Rossano Ercolini, Italy 2013

Tarcísio Feitosa, Brazil 2006

Edwin Gariguez, Philippines 2012

Anna Giordano, Italy 1998

Maria Gunnoe, United States/West Virginia 2009

Lynn Henning, United States/Michigan 2010

Laila Kamel Iskandar, Egypt 1994

Hilton Kelley, United States/Texas 2011

Yuyun Ismawati, Indonesia 2009

Christine Jean, France 1992

Fatima Jibrell, Somalia 2002

Manana Kochladze, Georgia 2004

Michal Kravcik, Slovakia 1999

Jean La Rose, Guyana 2002

Dmitry Lisitsyn, Russia 2011

Jadwiga Lopata, Poland 2002

Edward Loure, Tanzania 2016

Thuli Makama, Swaziland 2010

Atherton Martin, Dominica 1998


Alexis Massol-González, Puerto Rico 2002

Vera Mischenko, Russia 2000

Ricardo Navarro, El Salvador 1995

Oscar Olivera, Bolivia 2001

Phyllis Omido, Kenya 2015

Leng Ouch, Cambodia 2016

Juan Pablo Orrego, Chile 1997

Nohra Padilla, Colombia 2013

Alexander Peal, Liberia 2000

Bobby Peek, South Africa 1998

Nat Quansah, Madagascar 2000

Marina Rikhvanova, Russia 2008

Humberto Ríos Labrada, Cuba 2010

Oscar Rivas, Paraguay 2000

Luis Jorge Rivera Herrera, Puerto Rico 2016

Stephanie Roth, Romania 2005

Ignace Schops, Belgium 2008

Tuy Sereivathana, Cambodia 2010

Heffa Shucking, Germany 1994

Albena Simeonova, Bulgaria 1996

Andrew Simmons, St. Vincent and the Grenadines 1994

Hammer Simwinga, Zambia 2007

John Sinclair, Australia 1993

Ursula Sladek, Germany 2011

Olga Speranskaya, Russia 2009

Bruno Van Peteghem, New Caledonia 2001

Cath Wallace, New Zealand 1991

Jean Wiener, Haiti 2015

Craig Williams, United States/Kentucky 2006

Steve Wilson, United States/Florida 2001

Howard Wood, Scotland 2015

Svet Zabelin, Russia 1993

Myint Zaw, Myanmar 2015


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