Death of Cambodian Anti-Logging Activist Inspires Solidarity

May 16, 2012

Protecting the Earth’s resources is a dangerous job. On April 26th, a Cambodian anti-logging activist named Chut Wutty was shot and killed by military police while investigating illegal logging activities.

Silas Siakor, 2006 Prize winner from Liberia and fellow anti-logging activist, was familiar with Wutty’s work. Siakor commented, “I think the story of Chutty highlights the risks that many of us put ourselves in when we stand up to governments and corporate interests. I think this an opportunity to draw global attention to the real nature of the threats that the Goldman Prize recognizes.”

The video below features Evgenia Chirikova’s fight to protect Moscow’s Khimki forest. The 2012 Prize recipient is one of many Goldman Prize winners putting their lives at risk every day to protect our natural resources.

The Goldman Prize stands in solidarity with all grassroots environmental activists facing life-threatening risks as a result of their work.