Prize Winners Gather in Korea for 2014 Green Asia Forum

The 2014 Green Asia Forum took place October 31 – November 4, aboard the Peace & Green Boat in South Korea.

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Fatima Jibrell Honored with UNEP Champions of the Earth Award

2002 Goldman Prize recipient Fatima Jibrell recently hosted a funder’s briefing at the Goldman Prize office in San Francisco to educate potential donors about the recent work of her organization Adeso (formerly Horn of Africa Relief and Development Organization).

Jibrell founded Adesso in the early 1990’s after civil war and famine broke out in Somalia and she was compelled to do something about what was happening to her land and her people.

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The Last Place on Earth: A New Report Exposes Threats to the Leuser Ecosystem

The work of 2014 Goldman Prize winner Rudi Putra is featured in a report released by Rainforest Action Network (RAN) earlier this week.

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World Travels Bring Prize Winners to the Bay Area

In the last few months, we have been lucky to catch up with several past Prize recipients as they’ve traveled through the Bay Area for various events.

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The New Environmentalists Makes its National Debut

Don’t miss “The New Environmentalists: From Ithaca to the Amazon” as it makes its national debut on a PBS station near you!

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Closing the Gap between the Environment and Human Rights

Last month, Goldman Prize Program Officer Ryan Mack traveled to Yale University to attend the UN Conference on Human Rights and the Environment. The two day conference brought together more than 100 scholars and policy experts from over 40 different countries.

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Threats to Environmental Activists on the Rise

Twenty-five years ago, Brazilian rubber tapper Chico Mendes was murdered for his efforts to protect the Amazon rainforest. Just a month ago, Edwin Chota, an Ashaninka activist from Peru, was murdered for his efforts to stop illegal logging.

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India’s Supreme Court Cancels Vast Majority of Country’s Mining Licenses

A recent ruling from India’s Supreme Court declared all mining licenses issued after 1993 to be illegal. We reached out to the 2014 Goldman Prize winner from India, Ramesh Agrawal, a right to information activist who successfully shut down one of the largest coal mines in his region, to get his feedback on the ruling. Here is what he had to say:

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Norway Agrees to Pay Liberia $150 Million to End Deforestation by 2020

In return for $150 million in development aid from Norway, Liberia has agreed to stop cutting down its trees by 2020. The agreement was one of the most significant to come out of the UN Climate Summit, which took place in New York earlier this month.

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Goldman Prize Winners Call for Climate Action in New York City

Last weekend, several Goldman Prize winners, including Father Edwin Gariguez, Desmond D’Sa and Oscar Olivera joined over 300,000 demonstrators in New York City for the People’s Climate March to demand swift action on climate change.

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