Throwback Thursday: 2006 Goldman Prize Winner Olya Melen

Olya Melen, an environmental lawyer, was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2006 for using legal channels to temporarily halt construction on a deep-water shipping channel that would have destroyed fragile ecosystems in the heart of the Danube Delta, one of the most valuable wetlands in the world.

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Photos and Highlights from “The Goldman Prize at 25”

Last week, Goldman Prize winners Kimberly Wasserman (2013) and Maria Gunnoe (2009) joined Goldman Prize Board members John and Doug Goldman for “The Goldman Prize at 25,” a public event at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco.

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Throwback Thursday: 2009 Goldman Prize Winner Maria Gunnoe

Maria Gunnoe was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2009 for leading a campaign against the environmentally devastating practice of mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR).

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Goldman Prize Presents to Local Youth

The Goldman Prize recently had the opportunity to engage with local students from Creative Arts Charter School in San Francisco. Liz Means, Communications Coordinator at the Prize, was invited to the school to give a presentation about the history of the Goldman Prize, grassroots environmental activism and the work of the Prize winners. 

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Throwback Thursday: 1995 Goldman Prize winner Noah Idechong

1995 Goldman Prize winner Noah Idechong, hailing from the island nation of Palau, recently stopped by the Goldman Prize office in San Francisco, where he gave us a great update on his work and what he has been up to since winning the Prize almost 20 years ago.

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Fish Farms and the Decline of Wild Salmon

On behalf of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF), representing Icelandic and Faroese fisherman, 2007 Goldman Prize winner Orri Vigfusson wrote a strongly worded letter to all Members of Scottish Parliament accusing the country of contributing to a catastrophic decline in north Atlantic wild salmon populations.

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Throwback Thursday: 2000 Prize Winner Nat Quansah

Madagascar native Nat Quansah was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2000 for his work to educate his community about the need for forest conservation by reintroducing the use of native plants as medicine to thousands of Malagasy people in an Ambodisakoana clinic he opened.

We caught up with Quansah to see what he’s been doing since winning the Prize. In the guest blog below, he fills us in on all the action- complete with photos!

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The Goldman Prize at 25: A conversation with Prize winners Kimberly Wasserman and Maria Gunnoe

As part of the Goldman Prize's 25th anniversary celebration, we invite you to join us for "The Goldman Prize at 25," an event featuring Goldman Prize winners Maria Gunnoe (USA, 2009) and Kimberly Wasserman (USA, 2013) and Goldman Prize President, John Goldman and Vice President, Doug Goldman.

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Throwback Thursday: 2010 Prize Winner Lynn Henning

Since winning the Goldman Prize in 2010 for her work to expose the egregious polluting practices of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in rural Michigan, Lynn Henning has been busy expanding her campaign and reaching new audiences.

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Landmark Agreement Signed Between Government of Iraq and United Nations Environment Program

2013 Goldman Prize winner Azzam Alwash and his team at Nature Iraq celebrated a victory as the government of Iraq and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) signed a historic agreement last month that seeks to bolster environmental recovery and peace-building in the beleaguered country.

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