Clearing the Way for Plantations: Land Grabs, Deforestation and Endangered Species

From plantations to processing to consumer products, this three part series examines the impacts of industrial palm oil on the environment, human rights and wildlife conservation.

Conflict palm oil: it’s the new buzz word on the street, but how could something as seemingly innocent as vegetable oil be the cause for so much concern? Anything that is used so widely by so many well-known and trusted brands like General Mills, Campbell’s and Nestlé can’t be that bad, right?

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Forever as Wilderness: Praise for Obama’s Move to Protect the Arctic

The Obama administration recently asked congress to increase federal protection for millions of acres within Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The White House is seeking “wilderness” level protection for 12 of the 19 million acres that make up the refuge.

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Von Hernandez Fights to Keep Waste Incineration Ban in Place

Waste incineration produces some of the most toxic chemicals known to science, including hormone-disrupting dioxins. The incineration process produces ash with concentrated amounts of heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic and cadmium that, when buried, pollute groundwater for generations. These chemicals have been linked to birth defects, cancer, respiratory ailments and reproductive dysfunction among people who live near incineration plants.

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We Cannot Eat Electricity: The Fight for Lake Turkana

Kenyan Goldman Prize winner Ikal Angelei has dedicated her life to fighting the construction of the Gibe 3 Dam, one of Africa’s largest hydropower projects. The dam, which is being built upstream on the Omo River by the Ethiopian government, will reduce water flow to Kenya’s Lake Turkana by 70%, drastically shrinking the lake, killing off ecosystems and jeopardizing the survival of some 300,000 of the world’s poorest people.

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The Year in Review: Goldman Prize Highlights from 2014

As our 25th Anniversary year comes to a close, we are taking the opportunity to look back at some of our favorite highlights from 2014.

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Indigenous Communities Disappointed by Underwhelming Outcome at COP20 in Lima

Representatives from nearly 200 countries gathered in Lima, Peru at the beginning of December for the final round of climate negotiations before the Paris Climate Summit in 2015.

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Guest Blog and Q&A from 2011 Goldman Prize Winner Francisco Pineda

Living under the constant threat of assassination, Francisco Pineda was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2011 for courageously leading a citizens’ movement that stopped a gold mine owned by OceanaGold (formerly Pacific Rim) from destroying El Salvador’s dwindling water resources and the livelihoods of rural communities throughout the country.

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30 Years Later: Still Fighting for Victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy

On the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak that killed 20,000 and injured more than 150,000 in Bhopal, India, we are spotlighting 2004 Goldman Prize winners Rashida Bee and Champa Devi Shukla, who led a class action suit demanding cleanup and compensation for affected individuals.

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