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Vote Expected Soon on Rosia Montana Gold Mine

November 1, 2013

The Romanian Parliament is expected to vote this month on a draft bill passed in August that would allow Gabriel Resources, a Canadian mining giant, to begin large scale mining operations in Rosia Montana, an ancient farming village and cultural treasure. Protests surrounding the bill have grown steadily in recent months, as activists from around the world join local citizens in calling on the Romanian government to reject the bill.

If Parliament rejects the bill, the mining project would be halted. If Parliament endorses the bill, it would need to be approved by Romania’s Constitutional Court within ten working days. If the Constitutional Court rejects Parliament’s decision, the bill is dead and so is the mining project. If the Constitutional Court approves the bill, it becomes law.

“If law is the case then people might take to the streets,” said 2005 Goldman Prize winner Stephanie Roth.

Roth was awarded the Goldman Prize for her efforts to stop Gabriel Resources from constructing the mine at Rosia Montana when they first expressed interest in the area over ten years ago. Widespread public opposition led by Roth pressured funders to withdraw support for the mine and led the Romania government to block the Canadian mining company from going forward with the project.

In August 2013, the Romanian government reversed its position and submitted a bill to Parliament seeking to once again open Rosia Montana to mining concessions. Roth continues to be a leading voice in the fight to stop the bill and secure permanent government protection for Rosia Montana.

Be sure to check back often as we continue to follow the situation in Romania. For more information about the campaign to Save Rosia Montana, click HERE.

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