Stephanie Roth Helps Promote Legacy of Former Prize Nominator

March 2, 2012

Before Stephanie Roth won the Goldman Prize in 2005 for protecting an ancient Romanian village from being destroyed by a massive silver and gold mining project; she worked as a researcher and editor for The Ecologist magazine.

The London-based magazine was founded by the late Edward “Teddy” Goldsmith, a long-time nominator for the Prize.  Goldsmith was a personal and professional mentor to Roth, influencing her transition from environmental journalist to environmental activist. Roth in turn went on to inspire countless others.

After Goldsmith passed away in 2011, Roth was asked to help launch a website in his honor. She had this to say about the experience:

“It’s wonderful having been asked to help edit the site and my hope is that visitors will be as inspired by Teddy’s writings as I was when I first came across them. They changed my life for so much richer and led me on a most unexpected path …”

To visit the website, please click the link below: