Rios Takes Sustainable Cuban Farming Techniques to Bolivia

June 12, 2013

Humberto Rios Labrada was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2010 for the influential role he played in revitalizing Cuba’s farming industry. By encouraging a return to crop rotation and seed diversity, Rios helped decrease Cuba’s dependence on chemical fertilizers and increased the productivity and sustainability of Cuba’s farms.

Today, Rios is expanding his work. He is currently living and working in Bolivia, teaching sustainable farming techniques to vulnerable communities in Tarija, Cochabamaba and Chuquisaca. Rios would eventually like to see these techniques replicated even more broadly across South and Central America.

To that end, Rios is working in collaboration with three other NGOs on a formal initiative called Co-Innova, which builds on his techniques and seeks to expand training and support to communities across the region. Rios and his partners are currently seeking funding for the initiative.