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Honor Berta’s Legacy: Tell Activists Under Threat They Are Not Alone

March 3, 2017

Numerous reports over the past year have pointed to Latin America as one of the most dangerous regions for environmental activists, and Honduras was recently singled out as the most deadly country in the world for environmental defenders. This became all too evident when — a year ago — Berta Cáceres was tragically assassinated.

These growing threats against those who risk it all for our environment is why we are re-launching our Prize recipient map. The map includes a new messaging feature that allows you to send Prize winners in Latin America who are at risk messages of support and solidarity. From facing death threats to being forced from their home country, their heroic efforts are being deliberately undermined by corporate and government interests. Your messages give activists much-needed moral support and shows them—and those who threaten them—that they are not alone.

By sending a message of support to an activist under threat through this map, you are showing your solidarity with environmental defenders who are working tirelessly to protect our Earth. Your message will be delivered directly to the activist, in their language, and will remind them that they do not need to face these challenges alone.

You can write a message of support to those identified as under threat on the map with a gold Ouroboros symbol:

While these brave environmental defenders may not respond to your message directly, rest assured that it has been sent to them, and that they are deeply grateful for each message of solidarity they receive from supporters around the world.

“You have the bullet…I have the word. The bullet dies when detonated, the word lives when spread.”

— Berta Cáceres

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