Hilton Kelley’s Fight against Industrial Pollution Wins Recognition and Results

December 5, 2011

Congratulations to Hilton Kelley (2011) as his campaign to train and empower communities is recognized by AARP’s 2011 Inspire Award. The award comes on the heels of an announcement that, thanks to the settlement deal that Kelley helped broker between Valero and the EPA, a new health care clinic will soon be opening in Port Arthur, Texas. The clinic will provide affordable care to low-income communities affected by illnesses related to air pollution, such as asthma.

Kelley recently visited San Francisco as a guest speaker at Global Community Monitor’s 10th Birthday event. Global Community Monitor is a close partner of Kelley’s that specializes in providing training, equipment and support to “fenceline” communities affected by industrial air and water pollution.

San Francisco, however, is only one of many places Kelley has been frequenting lately. He’s been traveling across the southern United States and Washington DC for the US Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Minority Health, as chair of one of the 10 regional minority health councils. He regularly meets with a diverse group of citizens, environmental leaders, business owners and policymakers to ensure health equity and environmental justice in the region.