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Watch the 2023 Goldman Environmental Prize ceremony.

Affordable Healthcare for Pollution Victims of Port Arthur, Texas

August 21, 2012

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson joined Hilton Kelley and other community leaders for a groundbreaking ceremony in honor of a new healthcare clinic that will provide affordable care to the low-income West Side community of Port Arthur, Texas.

Port Arthur is home to numerous oil and gas refineries and is constantly exposed to toxic emissions. The EPA has stated that Port Arthur has some of the highest levels of toxic air releases in the country. The West Side community also suffers from some of the highest asthma and cancer rates in the state. Kelley was awarded the Prize in 2011 for his efforts to ensure stricter environmental regulations on the Texas Gulf Coast.

The new health clinic will provide low-cost care to those affected by illnesses related to air pollution. Kelley worked with the EPA to help secure funds for the clinic following a settlement with Valero Refinery in 2007. The clinic is expected to be ready for patients starting in May 2013.

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