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The official blog of the Goldman Environmental Prize
  • Troubled Times for Coal Industry amid Stricter Regulations and Decreased Demand
    August 20, 2014
    As a result of stricter regulations like those spelled out in President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, as well as an increase in coal imports and the rise of cheap natural gas, the coal industry is in a slump – and mining giants like Alpha Natural Resources, formally Massey Energy, are feeling the effects of the depressed market.
  • Mama Aleta Inspires at the 2014 Summit on Women and Climate
    August 13, 2014
    The 2014 Summit on Women and Climate, hosted by Global Greengrants Fund, took place earlier this month in Bali, Indonesia, bringing together over 80 female environmental leaders from more than 37 countries to share strategies, address common environmental challenges, build alliances and raise the profile of female environmental leaders around the world.

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