NRDC proposes ‘potluck approach’ Rio Earth Summit

NRDC proposes ‘potluck approach’ Rio Earth Summit

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During a meeting with the 2012 Goldman Prize winners in DC last month, White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley stressed the importance of individual countries making their own commitments on curbing emissions and fighting climate change.

It echoes the approach proposed by the team at NRDC—aptly named the “potluck approach”:  


                                                                                                Image courtesy NRDC

“…a radically new approach: where we focus on the activities and actions that are actually happening...on the ground, affecting people’s lives, and that don’t have to be reiterated in a formal document to make them “real” somehow. NRDC has helped launch the Earth Summit Watch to bring to light these details. Some incredible changes are going on beneath our feet (just read how the G20 countries are leading on clean energy) and NRDC has called on numerous occasions for the creation of a global aggregator of sustainability commitments – affectionately known as the “cloud of commitments”. This needs to be front-and-center if the Earth Summit is going to live up to its promise.”

Read the full piece on NRDC’s Switchboard blog, and stay tuned next week for an announcement from past Goldman Prize winners to global leaders around the world!


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