Bulgaria Shuts Down Nuclear Plant Project

After nearly three decades of work, Albena Simeonova is celebrating a landmark victory in her fight to stop the spread of nuclear power in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borrisov recently announced that the government is abandoning plans for the Belene nuclear power plant project. Citing growing costs and safety concerns, Borrisov stated, "We cannot afford to pay for it, and there is no way we can make future generations pay.”

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Goldman Prize Reports from Alternative Water Forum

Lani Alo, a program staff member at the Goldman Prize, is reporting from the Alternative Water Forum in Marseille, France.  The forum, set up as an alternative to the World Water Forum (also taking place in in Marseille), focuses on developing sustainable solutions to the global water crisis.

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Stephanie Roth Helps Promote Legacy of Former Prize Nominator

Before Stephanie Roth won the Goldman Prize in 2005 for protecting an ancient Romanian village from being destroyed by a massive silver and gold mining project; she worked as a researcher and editor for The Ecologist magazine.

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Ursula Sladek Inspires Grassroots Movement for Nuclear-Free Japan

The Fukashima disaster in Japan illustrated all too clearly the dangers of nuclear power. Ursula Sladek’s campaign for a nuclear-free future is reaching people around the world, especially in Japan, where one woman was so inspired- she decided to start an anti-nuclear movement of her own: the Natural Energy Society.

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Turkish Investors Pull Out of Dam Project in Georgia

Manana Kochladze, founder of Georgia’s largest environmental NGO, Green Alternative, won the Goldman Prize in 2004 for her precedent setting campaign against the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline. Today she celebrates a victory as Turkish investors pull out of the massive Namakhvan Cascade dam project.

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Belgian National Park Gets New Champions, Boost for UNESCO World Heritage Site Application

An idea conceived by a group of friends over a round of beers in a Belgian pub 15 years ago is now getting serious traction throughout Western Europe as a model for land conservation. Its newest champion is tennis star Kim Clijsters, who is now an ambassador for one of Ignace Schops’ projects at Regionaal Landschap Kempen and Maasland (RLKM)

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PBS 'Need to Know' to feature Ursula Sladek

Ursula Sladek will be featured on "Need to Know," the PBS news and public affairs program. The segment is produced by investigative journalist Marjorie McAfee, who has also covered Feliciano Dos Santos for PBS Frontline and features footage from the Mill Valley Film Group.

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Fight to Keep Poland GMO Free Reaches New Turning Point

Jadwiga Lopata (2002) has had a busy year so far, holding mass picnics, organizing online poster design contests, staging press conferences, and dressing up as Frankenstein potatoes at street demonstrations to keep genetically modified crops out of Poland. The events are successfully educating people about the risks associated with growing and eating genetically modified foods.

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2011 Prize: Q&A With Ursula Sladek

Ursula Sladek is bringing decentralized, sustainably-produced energy to more than 100,000 customers all over Germany with her cooperatively-owned power company.  Learn more about her innovative approach to energy production and delivery in the Q&A below.

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Microsoft implicated in Russian crackdown on political dissent

In a New York Times investigative report released yesterday, Microsoft was implicated in the recent increase in Russian police seizures of computers and documents from civil society groups on grounds of suspected software piracy.

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