Via Verde Pipeline Halted in Puerto Rico

2002 Goldman Prize recipient Alexis Massol-Gonzalez and the team at Casa Pueblo are celebrating a major victory following news that the Via Verde pipeline project has been halted. The Puerto Rican power authority sent an official request to the US Army Corps of Engineers to withdraw its proposal for the project.

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Ma Jun Takes on the Apparel Industry

2012 Goldman Environmental Prize recipient Ma Jun and his team at the Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), along with four other NGOs- together known as the Green Choice Alliance NGOs, recently released a report on the environmental impacts of China’s apparel supply chain.

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Marina Silva Discusses the Future of Sustainable Development

The Goldman Environmental Prize and Amazon Watch recently hosted a Roundtable and Reception in honor of 1996 Goldman Prize recipient Marina Silva. Nearly 30 guests from the Bay Area’s environmental community attended the event at the Goldman Prize office in San Francisco for the unique opportunity to discuss some of today’s most pressing environmental issues with the internationally recognized leader.

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Lynn Henning Makes the Case for Clean Water at Annual Conference

The 13th Annual Healthy Foods, Local Farms Conference took place on Saturday, October 13th in Louisville, Kentucky.

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A Big Victory for Randall Arauz as Costa Rica Bans Shark Finning

Congratulations to 2010 Goldman Prize recipient Randall Arauz and his team at PRETOMA, who are celebrating Costa Rica’s recent ban on shark finning.

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Von Hernandez Calls for Politicians to Curb Campaign Waste

As the election season in the United States enters its final weeks, 2003 Prize recipient Von Hernandez is asking politicians in his country to curb their campaign waste.  

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Sofia Gatica Wraps Up European Speaking Tour

After Sofia Gatica’s infant daughter succumbed to pesticide poisoning, she formed the organization Mothers of Ituzaingo to raise awareness and expose the dangers of pesticide spraying.

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Evegenia Chirikova Runs for Mayor of Khimki

On October 14, 2012 mayoral elections will be held in Khimki, Russia and Evegenia Chirikova’s name will be on the ballot for a second time. She ran for the same office in 2010, but failed to secure the vote.

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